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Top 10 Best Credit Repair Software for Consumer & Professional Solutions

Credit Repair Software for Personal and Business User
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Credit Repair Solutions are a great thing when it comes to repairing credit online. I am a huge fan of credit repair solutions, as these bring all the essential factors for credit repair in a single place. You can access the solutions via any web-enabled device at your comfort zone. The user is just required to visit the dashboard and begin the credit repair campaign.

I particularly love the features that allow you to view the items that are a subject to removal. From the console of the credit repair software, you can visit the online credit report provider, easily import your credit reports and build a letter of credit dispute. The software offers a decent amount of benefits. If you are the time saver sort of a person, then these would prove extremely beneficial.

Here is the list of 10 best credit repair software solutions for individuals as well as professionals.

Why is it important to use a Credit Repair Software?

It goes without a question that a credit repair software is a time saver. It may be that you are a professional who offers credit repair assistance. As a single person, you might be lacking the resources to offer your clients with the desired attention.

With a credit repair solution, it would be made possible. Instead of hiring people who may work on behalf of you, use a credit repair software. Moreover, the software has an easy option to outsource the credit reports to another person. Therefore, you can send the credit reports to your clients just at a few clicks.

Individuals who have a shortage of time might find a credit repair software useful. They are enough to offer you with all the required tools at the same place. All you need to do is get a credit repair software and fetch in the requested details.

If you have just discovered the credit repair term, then it would be quite difficult for you to execute the things. A credit repair software keep things organized and makes it easy. This is an important aspect for professionals and consumers. Hope you have a stack of work waiting for you. This would not allow much time for performing credit repair yourself. Thus, a credit repair software would do the task.

Best Credit Repair Software

Simply scroll down to find the best deals on Software that help you fix a bad credit.

1-      Personal Credit Repair Software

Personal Credit Repair Software

The software is handy in helping individuals and professionals with obtaining a credit report and repairing credit faster than usual. You can even receive special price when you buy the software on some eligible periods. The list price for the software is $400. However, if you get in during the sale, you just have to pay $199.97.

2-      Credit-Aid

This is designed for both home users and professionals. Therefore it does not matter whether you are a personal user or wish to help others increase their credit score. The purchase would cost you beyond $29.95. You have to pay an additional $10 for every additional license. You can even try out the free trial period.

3-      Credit Umbrella

Are you looking for something that helps you repair your credit fast or save time finding the best credit repair companies? If ‘yes’ you have come to the right place. The home edition of the software cost you $39.95.

Once you have a premium account you will be able to compare credit building companies and credit repair bureaus. This is a tool that lets you invest in the right company that gives you great results.

4-      TurnScor


If you remain confused while selecting credit repair tools or wish to fix credit your self TurnScor the thing that can help. You just need to purchase the software paying somewhere around $199-$399 and you are ready to go.

It provides the users with easy solutions that ease the credit error management process. If you are having a hard time dealing with credit bureaus, the software would be a help.

5-      Credit Detailer

It offers an extremely user-friendly interface for both individuals and businesses. The business edition of the software is available in $399.99. This is something you can trust upon. The results are accurate and credit repair would be made easier.

Professionals can have a great time with the freedom of usage. You can prepare multiple client accounts without any interruption.

6-      TrackStar Software

This is made for the credit repair business. It is one of the quickest credit repair tracking software available on the web. The user can manage their client base, track status, use the TrackStar integrated draft payment method, easily manage disputes, the letters of credit disputes can be edited easily, manage your account anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, if you have employee users, managing them has been much easier with the software. You can try out the demonstration period of the software before purchasing it.

7-      Credit Score Techs

Credit Score Techs

It is useful for credit repair businesses. You can easily manage your customers, manage accounts and create letters of disputes. It is recommended that you sign up for a free demo request before purchasing.

8-      Credit Money Machine

Credit Money Machine

To grow your business fast credit repair is important. The software can help you hit your credit repair goals sooner. It is available at a plan of $159-$499.97 per month plan. It is capable of handling e-commerce and financial marketing.

9-      Credit Dispute Pro

Here you can get professional opportunities and assistance. The user must pay $344 per month. You can earn from repair of an individual as well as business credit.

10-  Credit Repair Magic

Credit Repair Magic

The software lets you learn what are the most harmful credit mistakes and steps to avoid them. The credit repair software works in a much effective manner. You can get bonuses and a low of $97 for the software. Professional users can find the software much useful. The interface is designed for the convenience of the users. It would be fun to repair your credit using this tool.

Repair Mantra recommends you to get the trial version of the above-listed software and test whether it is good. If you find the software interesting you can surely begin a great credit repair campaign. You can also try out the best DIY Ways to Repair Credit.


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