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3 Best Ways to DIY Fix Bad Credit: Letters, Software, eBooks

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Fixing credit is usually a hectic process! You might have come across a lot of credit repair tutorials on the internet. These might be guiding you through the traditional way of repairing credit. Sometimes these ways do not work because of a few reasons. If you have done nothing in the past to repair your credit, now is the best time to do it.

Here are the best DIY ways to repair a bad credit. It is best to do things your way. To repair a credit you just need to perform a few basic steps. Read the article below for more information.

Best Ways to DIY to Fix Bad Credit

Why is it important to repair Credit?

A bad credit makes things difficult. It blocks credit card approvals, employment opportunities, job appraisals, high insurance rates and much more. If you desire to get a credit card or a home loan, then arises the need for credit repair.

Things to do before getting started with Credit Repair

Instead of delegating your work to a credit repair firm you can surely do it the way you like.

Get your Credit Report

Before you write a letter of dispute it is important to review your credit report and check for mistakes. You must write the credit reporting agency to demand your credit report. You may get it online at TransUnion or Experian.

Once you have got the credit report, it’s time to read it. If you find any unidentified activity it requires an instant action. Here are some factors that need attention while checking a credit report.

  • If a payment date has been extended towards the due date. This may include incorrect account information.
  • The accounts that are over the credit limit. For an instance, your credit card has a credit limit of $500 but your credit report shows $550 credit balance.
  • Past due accounts that have been sent for collection, but still appear on your report.

Letters to Fix Credit

A letter of credit dispute is handy in the credit repair process. It has a lot of benefits as, you can send reports, documents and other proofs attached to the letter. For example, the victim can provide a print of the screenshot of the credit report, canceled check that depicts that you had made the payment before the due date or other documents that are required.

Credit Dispute Letter

The biggest advantage of a letter of credit dispute is you can write it your own way. Once you personalize your credit report, it would gain more attention than a regular one. Usually, credit repair bureaus, receive plenty of dispute letters. They do not give the desired treatment to the ones that are written in a traditional way or just follow the usual format.

If you write a DIY letter of credit dispute, it would be considered faster and the necessary changes will be made to your credit report.

You can write a letter for credit repair using the format mentioned below:

  1. Date:
  2. Your Complete Name
  3. Complete Address including your- City, State, and Zip Code
  4. Department to which the complaint is to be registered
  5. Address of the Credit Bureau

Dear Sir/Madam

Here you must mention when did you find the error and date when you obtained the credit report.

The errors should be explained in an orderly manner.

Suggest the necessary changes that you wish to see on your credit report. Mention the list of documents that are attached to your credit report.


Complete Name

You can now send the letter by a certified mail service and request them to provide you a return receipt. It is always necessary to keep a copy of the credit report and the documents attached to it.

Software for Credit Repair

There are plenty of ways to fix a bad credit. A credit repair software can help you repair credit the easier and faster way. Luckily, we have some incredible credit repair software that would help gain good credit within a shorter span of time.

Credit Repair Software

We have listed the best credit repair solutions for individuals as well as businesses.

TurnScor– The software lets you ease the credit repair process. You can purchase the software for $199 or the premium version for $399. The user interface is designed for the comfort of the users. Through the software. Visit the TurnScor homepage for more information.

Credit Umbrella– The credit repair software allows the users to find the best credit building sources and credit repair companies. Here one can also find credit repair assistance.

Personal Credit Software– You can purchase the software paying about $400. The purchase includes free bonus items and personal credit software. The software is good for anyone who is looking for an online credit report provider and automated credit dispute letters.

Credit-Aid– This software is available for home users as well as pro users. Purchase of the software would cost you around $29. The credit repair kit includes all the necessary tools for fixing a bad credit and avoiding identity theft.

Credit Coach- This is something like an online credit repair tutorial. Here one can find an exclusive package to fix credit problems. The packs cost $599-$249.

Credit Score Techs– This is a credit repair solution that helps both individuals and businesses. You can rely on it, as the tools listed are extremely useful. The packages can be purchased from $499 to $1599.

Credit Repair EBooks

Credit Repair EBooks pack all the necessary information related to the fixing bad credit, explaining the credit repair process, and a step by step dispute plan. You can visit to find the best deals on credit repair EBooks.

You can download credit repair eBooks from or visit to get the free credit repair secrets eBook.

Credit Repair eBook

Credit repair has been much easier than before. Hope these 3 DIY ways would benefit you. Maybe you are too busy to read the eBooks or go through the credit repair tutorials found on the web. In such situations, a credit repair software would be handy. You can make your own credit repair campaign by understanding the factors related to credit repair in the eBooks.

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