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How do you fix your Computer

How to Repair a Computer that won't start
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Want to get your Computer working as before? How responding your computer is, is a result of everything from your user-interface to the hardware of the device. All that adds up to the fact is you need to fix your computer in order to get back to work. Computer repair places might cost you dollars. Instead, you can repair your computer at home with the least effort.

Computer devices are too sensible, any slight disorder might affect the overall functioning. There are a lot of ways that can help you repair a damaged computer or fix a computer that won’t start. This guide will help you with computer repairing tips. You can also repair a laptop with the help of the tutorial below.

How to Repair a Computer / Laptop

Computer is freezing

There are numerous reasons behind a freezing device. These may be Hard Drive corruption errors or a software issue. So, you need to examine all the components of the computer. We have listed the primary causes for freezing computers.

Solve Freezing Issues

Software Errors

We often use third-party software on our computer or laptop. These are the culprit behind making your computer un-responding. Windows is unable to recognize the commands released by these applications, therefore you will find that your device has stopped working.

To troubleshoot these problems you need to update all the third party programs that are installed on your computer. Ensure that you have some disk space left, as this may enhance the performance of the device.

Corruption or Driver Errors

Drivers are an essential software that causes the programs on your computer to function. If there is an error in the driver the specific program will malfunction, thus causing your device to freeze. This is something that would annoy you. Drivers are used on every computer or laptop and at times they are likely to fail.

To avoid such bugs, Repair Mantra recommends you to use a newer version of the drivers. An obsolete driver can cause your computer to work slowly and not responding to the commands of the user. Check for updates and get the latest version of the drivers for the operating system you are using. You can even go to the registry and check for errors.

Check the Hardware

Sometimes hardware errors are the reason why your computer is freezing. You need to ensure that all the hardware including the cable, mouse, keywords, power plugs and the cabinet is working well. If you are using wireless keyboards and mouse it is recommended that you check the batteries. Insert a new battery if you feel that it has become less responsive.

User actions not always make the computer device unresponsive. There is some malfunctioning hardware that causes such bugs. In a nutshell, you can say that it is required to check every hardware component of your PC before coming to any conclusion.


The central processing unit of your PC is extremely sensitive, thus it may react to even the slightest error. Usually, when you use your computer or laptop in an abnormal atmosphere where there is too much moisture or heat. This causes the computer to overheat, as the fans are unable to provide the required cooling.

If such an issue arises your computer would stop working. Repair Mantra recommends you to check whether the vents are not blocked. Use your device in a safe environment. You can install programs that display the temperature of the device. You can immediately shut down when you find your system is under threat due to excessive heat.

Remove Virus

Computer viruses, malware, and worms are the prime reasons why your PC is not functioning well. These are hazardous for your device. It may hamper the overall speed and have negative effects on the hardware components. Windows devices are more prone to virus infections when compared to MAC OS X. If your PC is affected by malware it would stop functioning well. If your antivirus has expired, get a subscription and install the tool on your device.

How to Remove Virus

Once you have installed the antivirus tool, you need to scan for viruses. If there is malware found clean it. In case your computer is affected by a serious threat, take a backup of the data and remove the infected files. Currently, you can find exclusive discount offers on the purchase of Bitdefender Mobile Security Version 3.2, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security and McAfee Mobile Security Version 4.9.

Remove Bloatware

When you purchase a new computer or laptop or re-install a new operating system there are plenty of applications pre-installed that are not useful. Remove the pre-installed programs that are not of your use. This may boost your PC speed and cause it to function even better. These days Microsoft is offering a bloatware removal program for just $99.

Upgrade your Hard Drive or RAM

Sometimes your computer requires a hardware update. It may be that your hard drive is not functioning well or the memory falls short to cope up with the running applications. You can shop for external hard drives and RAM on

Hard Drive- Fix a Computer

You can get the hardware components whether you are in Canada, United States o the United Kingdom. We have listed the online portals that are trustworthy. Just click open the link here and get a new hard drive and updated version of the RAM.

Reinstall the Operating System

This applies with both Windows and MAC OS X devices. You need to re-install the operating if all the techniques have failed to make your computer work well. You can even use an updated version of the operating system. It is recommended that you take a complete backup of your data before proceeding.

How do I repair my Computer if not Starting Up?

If your computer does not start up or does not boot, most probably the culprits are power supply or mother board. You may have noticed that your computer turns on, but it just shows a blank screen at startup.

If the device turns on, check whether the hard drive and fan is working. If you find them functioning, it means the PC is crashing at startup. For such issues you may visit the service center and get your computer/laptop fixed.





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