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How to Patch a Hole in the Wall

How to Repair a Hole in a Wall
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Wall Holes are really a stressful damage as it seems like the beauty of your wall has disappeared. But do not worry! Usually, a hole in the wall is caused by pins, cracks, breakouts, damage by water and other damages. Repairing a hole in the wall is nothing serious, it just requires some basic work to do and you will be able to get your wall new again in no time.

To help you Patch a Hole in the wall Repair Mantra is here to show you how to fix small holes in a wall, fix nail holes and fix a large hole in the wall. Whatever may be the cause of damage to your wall, we are here to offer a wide range of ways that will assist you to patch holes and imperfection in walls.

How to patch a Hole in a Drywall


How to Fix a Small Hole

Small holes are too common in a wall, as we often use pins, nails, and screws on the wall. This is slight damage however, it may destroy the beauty of your room and irritate your eyes. Fixing small holes is an easy task. You just need to keep some spackling paste and primer handy and you are ready to go. Read the instructions below to find out how to patch a small hole in a wall.

Step 1– Use a paintable caulk to apply the paste in between the cracks and pinholes in the wall. Smoothen the paste by smoothly running the caulk towards your body. You can even use your finger for doing the task.

Step 2– Now you need to apply spackling paste over the holes on the wall using a wide putty knife. This is done in order to fill the gap between the caulk and the wall.

Step 3– Make the layer smooth with the knife or you can use a damp piece of cloth to remove the unwanted paste. If there are rough pieces of paste you can scratch them with the putty knife. You can apply more spackling paste if required to make the surface even.

Step 4– Let the layer of paste to completely dry and paint it according to the wall color. If the wall is light colored then you can skip the painting process.

How to Fix a Medium Sized Hole in the Wall

Fixing a medium sized hole in the wall requires a bit of more effort as you need to spend more time patching and applying joint compound. Before getting started, grab a fiberglass mesh or sheetrock tape, grit sandpaper, drywall knife and required amount of joint compound. Once you have these things it is time to head over to repair.

Step 1– Clean the hole and apply the tape to it. Soak the tape in water and patch it on the wall, as this makes the tape thin and it easily matches the surface of the wall. For better results, you can fill the hole with a solid object before applying tape over it.

Step 2– Once you have taped the hole apply mud or joint compound over it using a drywall knife. Smoothen it with the knife by putting it smoothly. If the compound layer does not get smooth do not worry. You can feather it anytime later with the help of a sandpaper.

Step 3– Smoothen the patch by rubbing it with a grip paper, remove all the dust and unwanted particles from the repaired area and apply primer.

How to Patch a Large Hole in a Sheetrock Wall

Sheetrock walls or Dry Walls are greatly used for making home and office interiors. If your sheetrock wall is damaged by a large hole you can repair it yourself with some items that are available in any common home improvement store such as the Lowes (

To patch a hole you need to procure a joint tape, sandpaper, joint compound, drywall knives of different sizes, razor knife and sheetrock saw.

Step 1– Use the saw to cut the damaged part of the sheetrock in a manner that it is easy to attach a new piece of sheetrock to the stud.

Step 2– In the next step, you need to cut the new sheetrock board as per the size of the hole. Once you have cut the sheetrock fix it to the fall using the studs. If needed you can feel free to make small cuts in the newly added piece of sheetrock.

Step 3– Now you will find a patch on the wall that is caused due to the application of the external layer of the sheetrock. To fill the patch apply joint compound with the drywall knife and smoothen the layer with some feather strokes.

Step 4– Apply the mesh tape or a joint tape around the joint compound patch and press it. Now you can scrape the extra pieces of the compound using a sharp knife.

Step 5– Finish by applying compound just over the line of the tape in order to cover it. Allow the added layer of joint compound dry.

Step 6– Use a drywall sandpaper to rub the repaired area for making it smooth. This also aids in matching the texture of the wall.

Step 7– For enhancing the look of the wall you can prime and paint it with the existing color.

How to Fix a Hole in a Plaster Wall

Step 1– Get a plaster patching compound, finishing trowel, sandpaper and rough grade screws. Scrape off the loose plaster around the hole or damaged part of the wall.

Step 2– Fix the lath with the help of the screws. If the lath is broken and is in a condition that it won’t bear repair, you need to replace it.

Step 3– Fill the hole with the patching compound and feather the surface using a trowel. Let the surface to dry for some time and apply another coat of compound on the damaged part of the wall.

Step 4– Leave overnight to dry and sand the patched area with a grit sandpaper. Sand till the surface is even and matches the original surface of the wall.

Step 5– Primer and paint the wall and make it look as new as before.

It is easy to manage your home and repair small pieces of trash that take place every day. Stay updated with Repair Mantra to get the latest repair hacks.








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