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How to Stop Water from Coming in the Basement

Learn How to Waterproof your Basement
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It is a rainy day and your basement is flooded with water! This sounds something scary as solving wet basement problems are a great hassle. Basements are a true utility, but when leaking and damp pose a serious threat. It may make your home smell nasty and damage your walls.

Once your basement is flooded with water it can cause a lot of damage. These may be to your hygiene, walls and hinder your home value. If you have discovered water coming in your basement, it is time for a quick action. As this would cause damage to your home and affect your well-being. Here you can find steps on how to waterproof your basement and fix wet basement issues.

How to Stop Water from entering your Basement


Water Proof your Basement

Step 1Check the Foundation Slope– To begin the waterproofing process you need to evaluate the perimeter of your house. To get started you need to make the ground beside the foundation sloped away from it. If it is already sloped in the desired manner you do not have to do anything.

You can create a foundation slope with the least effort.  Fill the area near the foundation with waste material or concrete in order to create a slope till 5 feet of the wall. Ensure that the discharging pipes are set to expel water away from your foundation wall.

Step 2Ensure if the Drainages are clean– If water is entering your basement this may also mean that your gutters are blocked and downspouts are not set the correct position. Ensure that your gutters and drainages are clean. If not it is advised that your makes arrangements for cleaning.

Step 3Examine the Shrubs around the Foundation– Sometimes the shrubs and other plants cause hindrance to the flow of water towards the foundation. Ensure that the foundation is free for shrubs and tall grass. Plant at least 15 feet away from the wall. If there are any such plants that make way for water to reach the foundation wall, you can get plant cutting equipment available at the Lowes and Amazon.

Step 4Repair the Walls with a Dry Lock– You can repair the concrete walls using a dry lock fast plug. Search for cracks and rod gaps in the wall and fill those with a fast plug. A dry lock is a hydraulic cement that can easily mix with water. Prepare a fast plug and apply it to the damaged area of the wall. It is developed to fix instantly and stop the flow of water and moisture through the cracks.

Dry Lock Fast Plug- stop water from coming in the basement

If you are a citizen of the United States, you can easily get the fast lock plug below $8. Visit Lowes online store or a retail location to get the dry lock concrete patch.  You may also view and compare dry lock fast plugs at Walmart. Go to the shopping page of Walmart using this Link and get a Dry Lock cement.

Step 5Use a Dry Lock Waterproofer– It is probably not possible to apply the dry lock cement on the complete wall. Rather consider using a waterproofing paint available at Walmart and Lowes. You can click on the links provided here and directly navigate to the shopping page of the home improvement stores.

If your foundation wall is leaking or moisture is entering the room you can coat the surface with the water proofer.

To apply the water proofer paint on the concrete surface you can follow the direction given at the back of the box. If the leaks are minor and do not occur often, then you can consider using a water proofer paint for stop water from coming into the basement.

Step 6Install a Sump– A sump pump can do your work, as it pumps the water out of the basement. To install a sump you need to have some skills. If you are unable to do the job call a plumber. When there is too much water in your basement, a sump is required.  You can easily get a sump pump below $200.

sump pump Fix wet basement

Shop for a Submersible Pump in the plumbing department of the Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart. Click on the links here and you will be directed to the shopping site. Select your country and you can get the pump delivered at the earliest. You may visit a retail location to purchase the sump.

Step 7– Use a Hydro clay- You can install hydro clay around your basement in order to waterproof the area. This is injected into the basement of the foundation using an installer tool. A hydro clay is a water-resistant form of a usual clay. It blocks water from entering your basement.

Hydro Clay Stop water from entering your basement

You can shop for a Hydro clay at the Walmart Stores or Amazon. If would general cost around $40. Visit a retail location near your location or shop online using the links here.

Solve Humidity Problems

Water is not always the culprit behind your wet basement. Humidity may also cause it to be damp and smell nasty. Firstly, you need to gauge the sources from where humidity is entering into your basement. Get a foil tap from any of the home improvement stores and apply to the leady dryer vents and unwanted openings. You can fix a vent fan into your bathroom, in order to push the moisture out of the room, instead of allowing it to stay inside and form water droplets.

If the weather is damp and humid, it is recommended that you close your basement windows and all other openings. If your room is still not dry, you can use a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture.

Insulate Pipes

The pipes that bring in cold water sometimes cause humidity. So, you need to cover them with a foam insulation. To do the task you need not be a professional or an expert in this field. Purchase the insulation from the Lowes or Home Depot and easily fix it by cutting with a pair of scissors.

foam insulation pipe

These are one of the most inexpensive and easy ways to stop humidity enter your basement. You can even use a foam insulation spray if you find it handier.



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