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How to Write a Credit Report Dispute Letter

Learn How to Write a Credit Report Dispute Letter
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Credit Reports play a great role in determining your credit score. If there is an error in the report then it is necessary to fix it at the earliest. To repair your credit report, you need to write a Credit Report Dispute Letter.

Credit report corrections might annoy you or worsen your mental state. This is because an un-recognized activity in the credit history may hamper your credit score. As you may be knowing that credit is essential for a living. Once your credit record is damaged, it decreases the possibilities of credit card and loan approvals.

What is a Credit Report Dispute Letter?

Once you hear of a credit dispute letter, there are a lot of queries aroused in the mind. These may be ‘What is a credit report dispute?’ or ‘How to write a credit report of dispute?’ A credit report dispute is a letter that is sent to the agency in order to correct the information. As an individual, you are allowed to send a credit dispute letter by mail.

The dispute letter offers you the authority to sue the credit reporting agency if they do not make the necessary corrections. It may be your credit account has been a victim of identity theft or there is an unrecognized credit activity. These situations require an immediate action.

Therefore, a credit report dispute letter is handy. You can easily send the letter to the credit bureau.

Credit Report Dispute Letter

Credit Report Dispute Letter Sample



Your Complete Address-City, State, Zip Code

Complaint Department

Name of the Company


Address of the Credit Bureau

Complete Address- City, State, Zip Code

Respected Sir/Madam

I just received a copy of my credit report from your credit reporting agency. While reading the report I found that there were the following errors.

  • I dispute XXX credit card account number 1234567890. This account has been used up to the maximum credit limit. This activity is not performed by me. Therefore I request that this item should be removed, updated or you can even suggest a change.
  • Here are copies of bank statements, credit card transaction history, canceled checks or other required documentation enclosed.

Yours Sincerely,

Complete Name

(You need to make a list of the documents that have been enclosed. If you have not enclosed any documents then you can ignore this section).

Credit Report Dispute Letters that Work

Repair your Credit Report

Write an Original Credit Dispute Letter

You can find lots of credit dispute sample letters on the web. Usually, the users download the letter and easily put their details in place of blank spaces. This is one of the most used ways of writing a credit report dispute. If you follow the same rules there are a lot of problems you might encounter.

Credit bureaucrats and credit issuers receive lots of credit report dispute letters. They might not provide much attention to the ones that are written in an obsolete format or are alike. Usually, credit agencies use scanning technology to detect spam letters. They detect templates complaints and the robot sends a response. Therefore your dispute letter does not receive a personal consideration.

Repair Mantra recommends you to create your own credit report dispute letter. Creation is easy, you just need to mention the error on the letter and attach the related documents. Ensure that your credit report dispute letter packs all the important information related to the error.

If your credit report dispute letter is made with real effort, there are more chances that your credit report will be corrected soon. There are some credit bureaus that provide a dispute filing service through a telephone. It is always a secure idea to get your credit report corrected through a dispute letter.

Follow the Law

Credit reporting agencies are made to function according to the law. Once you find a mistake in your credit report you need to use the law. Read the basic of credit laws as this may help you prepare a better dispute letter. Luckily you have the internet to know about the law. Instead of approaching a person of law you can learn such laws from the web.

Some of the laws that you have to know are- how to get the errors and unwanted terms removed from your credit report and how do the credit bureaus function. The next laws you need to learn may be the fair debt collection techniques and how do the debt collection agencies can help you.

Add More to the Credit Repair Process

It is recommended that you do not just follow the recommended path for writing a credit report dispute letter. Sometimes people are too much disappointed on finding that their credit report has an error. This also makes them feel low and they quit the credit repair process. Repairing your credit report is just easy.

For effectively reporting a mistake in your credit report you need to prepare a dispute letter using the techniques mentioned above.  Moreover, you shall approach the creditor who has made the mistake rather than writing the credit bureau for correction. Your creditors are the ones who provide all the information to the credit agencies. Therefore, it is important that you sue them first.

How to Spot an Error on the Credit Report

Errors can be of many types. These are items that should not be located on your credit report. Credit report errors include unwanted entries or elements against the law. Here are some common credit report errors you may find.

Account Errors  

  • A credit account that was closed by the user, but it is still mentioned on the report.
  • Late payment fee older than seven years.
  • A credit card account or loan in your name, which has not been opened by you. This can be a case of identity theft.

Personal Details Errors

  • Mistakes in your Name spelling or wrong name.
  • Your address is not correct or your former address is listed as your current address.
  • Errors in the employer details.

Derogatory Mark Errors

  • Your account that was closed for bankruptcy, but reflects as active on your credit report.
  • A paid collection showing as due on the report.

When you send the credit report to the credit reporting agency, ensure that you keep a copy of it. This acts as a proof when you file a further dispute. Repair Mantra always recommends you to keep a copy of all the documents attached to the credit report dispute letter.

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